The Whiskey Creek Series

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The Whiskey Creek series contains ten stories so far, and there will eventually be four more. It kicks off with When We Touch, which is a novella, and moves on to nine full-length books: When Lightning Strikes, When Snow Falls, When Summer Comes, Home to Whiskey Creek, Take Me Home for Christmas, Come Home to Me, The Heart of Christmas, This Heart of Mine and A Winter Wedding. Although this is a contemporary series, it’s set in a “gold country” town similar to those near Sacramento, CA where gold was discovered in January of 1848. These books can be read as stand alone novels, but for maximum enjoyment, it’s always better to read them in order.

When We Touch Cover Art

When We Touch

Book 0.5

When Lightning Strikes

When Lightning Strikes

Book 1

When Snow Falls (Reissue)

When Snow Falls

Book 2

When Summer Comes (Reissue)

When Summer Comes

Book 3

Home to Whiskey Creek (Reissue)

Home to Whiskey Creek

Book 4

Take Me Home for Christmas Cover Art

Take Me Home for Christmas

Book 5

Come Home to Me Cover Art

Come Home to Me

Book 6

The Heart of Christmas Cover Art

The Heart of Christmas

Book 7

This Heart of Mine Cover Art

This Heart of Mine

Book 8

A Winter Wedding Cover Art

A Winter Wedding

Book 9

Discovering You Cover Art

Discovering You

Book 10

Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

Book 10.5

Whiskey Creek Volume One

Whiskey Creek Vol 1

Books 1-3

Whiskey Creek Volume Two Cover Art

Whiskey Creek Vol 2

Books 4-6

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