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Brenda Novak joins Dina Kupfer with how you can get your California State Fair Box!

Suspense, Surprise Part Of Romance Novelist’s Job

2014 ITW ThrillerFest Banquet Awards

Interview with author Brenda Novak at ThrillerFest in NYC

Brenda Novak – Whiskey Creek Video Update

Harlequin In Conversation: Brenda Novak on Whiskey Creek (Harlequin TV)


Joey Mitchell Show

KNXV 11:00 AM

Fox 40 11/18/11

Cap Radio

KMAX 2/10/11 8:00 AM

KQCA 8/3/10 8:40AM

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Mose Persico Show

Good Morning America Health

In the Press – Articles

Southern Writers Magazine Jan/Feb 2018 Issue

Date: January / February 2018
Southern Writers, the Author’s Magazine featuring Brenda Novak, Right Where She Belongs

The Reading List Interview

Date: November 26, 2017

Article: Featured Brenda Novak: The Plot Grows Out Of The Characters

First For Women Magazine

Date: November 30, 2015

First for Women is published by Bauer Media Group in the USA. It was started in 1989, and has a circulation of 1.3 million. Brenda’s book, THIS HEART OF MINE, is one of “the 5 paperbacks” recommended in this issue by editor-at-large Lorraine Sullivan.

RWR Stats: 2014 Bestselling Authors

Date: November 2015

InD’tale Magazine Cover Story

Date: May 2015

Article: Brenda Novak: Writing for Millions While Fighting for Causes (pp. 11-23)

Career Achievement Award


Date: May 2015

THE AUTHOR IS… Interview with Brenda Novak
by Molly O’Keefe

Simply Books

Date: February – May 2015

Article: Romance Edition – Article: Brenda Novak Four Questions & Answers

Sacramento Magazine

Date: November 2007

By the Book – Brenda Novak

Thriller Fest Flyer

Brenda Novak 2014 Silver Bullet Recipient
Thrillerfest IX July 8-12, 2014
Grand Hyatt, NYC

RT Book Reviews Featured Cover Story

Date: November 2012
Featured Book: WHEN SNOW FALLS

Women and men of all ages and backgrounds, both domestic and international, faithfully read RT Book Reviews. This issue features the book, WHEN SNOW FALLS, as the cover story, and an RT Book Reviews TOP PICK.

Healthy Valley Magazine Cover Story

Date: November 2012

Charlotte Libov’s artcile Bestselling Novelist Brenda Novak Takes On Diabetes (pp. 24-25)

First For Women Magazine

Date: October 22, 2012

First for Women is published by Bauer Media Group in the USA. It was started in 1989, and has a circulation of 1.3 million. Brenda’s book, WHEN LIGHTNING STRIKES, is one “the 6 paperbacks” recommended in this issue by editor Lorraine Sullivan.

Sactown Magazine

Date: August – September 2012

Sactown Magazine is the Sacramento region’s largest and most respected city magazine, with an average circulation of 40,000 and with 16 national awards for publishing excellence in the areas of editorial, design and photography — more than any other magazine in Sacramento’s history. Among those awards is the Maggie Award for Best City & Metropolitan Magazine by the Western Publishing Association. Sactown’s Elyssa Lee inteviews Brenda for Sactown’s Q&A section of this issue.

Her Life Magazine

Date: February 2012
Featured Book: INSIDE

Her Life Magazine is a monthly women’s lifestyle magazine that’s a full color, glossy publication with local editions in Capital/Adirondack; Central Valley, California; Denver/Boulder; Kansas City; South Florida; and the Twin Cities. This issue features the book, INSIDE, in the Book Club section, where reviewer Kathleen Krueger describes her “enjoyment of the book as a whole” and particularly admires “the overall intrigue and complexity of the characters”.

First For Women Magazine

Date: July 18, 2011
Featured Book: INSIDE

First for Women (circulation: 1.3 million) is published by Bauer Media Group in the USA. It was started in 1989, and has a circulation of 1.3 million. This issue features the book, INSIDE, under “Suspense”, where editor, Lorraine Sullivan, gives it a glowing review.

Life & Style Weekly

Date: July 6, 2011 Life and Style Editorial + Win It! Brenda Novak Book and Scarf
Featured Book: INSIDE

Life & Style Weekly (circulation: 681,723) is an American celebrity gossip magazine. The magazine is geared towards lifestyle trends, and bills itself on “helping readers incorporate” celebrity beauty, clothing and body trends into their own lifestyle. The Life & Style Weekly editorial features the book, INSIDE, and scarf as a giveaway in the print edition that is on sale the week of July 6, 2011.


Date: June 3, 2011
Featured Book: INSIDE

Article: Fit To Be Tied: A Classic Accessory Returns (print version and online version:

Newsday is a daily American newspaper that primarily serves Nassau and Suffolk counties and the New York City borough of Queens on Long Island, although it is sold throughout the New York metropolitan area. Its weekday circulation of 377,500 was the 11th-highest in the United States, and the highest among suburban newspapers.

Aventura Magazine

Date: May/June 2011
Featured Book: INSIDE

Aventura Magazine is “The Source for Intelligent Luxury Living, a reflection of the defining aspects of everyday life in South Florida”. INSIDE is the Editor’s Pick as beach read that will make life more fun.

Walnut Creek Magazine

Date: May/June 2011
Featured Book: INSIDE

First launched in 1998 as a downtown shopping and dining directory, in 2006, Walnut Creek Magazine was transformed into a glossy, full-color publication. Today, the magazine reaches visitors and residents in Walnut Creek, Lafayette and Pleasant Hill through a dense distribution network that saturates the market. Walnut Creek Magazine is the go-to resource for local information. Our readers love the magazine because it focuses on them and celebrates their unique city that boasts abundant open-space for recreation, a regional performing arts center and world-class shopping and dining.Reaching more than 30,000 readers with each issue, six times per year, visitors enjoy Walnut Creek Magazine in their hotel rooms while residents find it in restaurants, health clubs, boutiques, salons, medical offices, grocery stores and a host of other key upscale locations throughout the area.

Health Monitor Diabetes Magazine

Date: April/May 2011

Article: Running a Happy Household When a Child Has Diabetes.

First For Women Magazine

Date: January 10, 2011
Featured Book: KILLER HEAT

First for Women (circulation: 1.3 million) is published by Bauer Media Group in the USA. It was started in 1989, and has a circulation of 1.3 million. This issue features the book, KILLER HEAT, under “Suspense”, where editor Krista Winston give it a glowing review.

Alive Magazine

Date: October 2010
Featured Book: WHITE HEAT

Alive Magazine was launched in October, 2002. With its fresh editorial approach, surprise celebrity covers and eye-catching design, Alive quickly become a must-read for St. Louisans looking for information the lastest on fashion, entertainment, culture, dining, nightlife, wedding planning, home design.

B Magazine

Date: October – November 2010
Featured Book: KILLER HEAT

All sections of B Magazine focus on individual beauty and lifestyle, and are filled with inspirational tips, techniques, and behind the scenes information, direct from industry professionals.In their “Editors’ Watch” section, the B Magazine editors recommend KILLER HEAT: “it’s as hot as its name”.

Glow Magazine

Date: Fall/Winter 2010

Melissa Bourbon Ramirez’s article A Call to Action Against Juvenile (Type 1) Diabetes (pp. 72 – 75)

Gadabout Media

Date: July 16, 2010
Featured Book: WHITE HEAT

Founded in 2009, Gadabout Media is a network of blogs for every day people about every day issues. They have bloggers from all over North America and from Australia. Gadabout editor Michelle Hamor features the book, WHITE HEAT, in her post.

Makeup University

Date: July 3, 2010
Featured Book: WHITE HEAT

Makeup University: Beauty for the busy mom, bride, beginner & everyone in between.

Makeup University’s Cherelynn Baker recommends White Heat.

Mira Magazine

Date: July 2010
Featured Books: Department 6 Trilogy

Mira! features the latest news and exclusive interviews on all your favorite Latin stars. Every week MIRA! brings you the backstage scenes at the most popular concerts, the freshest news and gossip and the real life story behind the headlines and more.In their “Mira Enonda” (“Mira Lookout”) section, the Mira editors recommend Brenda’s Department 6 Trilogy — “tres libros debes leer” (“three books you must read”).

Books On Board

Date: June 2010
Featured Books: Department 6 Trilogy

BooksOnBoard, the largest independent eBook store, serves over 250,000 registered customers. They have sold eBooks since 2006, before all but one of their large competitors (part of multi-billion dollar companies or funded by them) entered the business in their current form.

In-Flight Insider

Date: June 2010
Featured Books: Department 6 Trilogy

In-Flight Insider provides travelers with the latest luxury trends and practical insider tips on travel preparation, health, safety, style, and products — all designed to upgrade their flying and travel experience. Editor Carolyn Paddock calls Brenda’s Department 6 Trilogy “The Perfect ‘Plane Read’!”

USA Today

Date: September 2009

The Sacramento Bee

Date: August 10, 2009

USA Today

Date: August 2009


Date: June 2008

Interview with Brenda Novak

Romantic Times Magazine Cover

Date: August 2007

Romantic Times Magazine Cover

Date: January 2007

The Sacramento Bee

Date: February 18, 2003

Sacramento Magazine

Date: December 2002

Romantic Times

Date: 2001

Romantic Times

Date: 1999

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