Coyote Canyon

A new romance trilogy set in the fictional town of Coyote Canyon, Montana.

Talulah’s Back in Town, The Talk of Coyote Canyon, and The Messy Life of Jane Tanner feature strong, independent young women each facing the challenges of running her own business in a small Montana town where everyone knows everyone.

Talulah runs a dessert diner, the kind of place where we would all love to hang out over coffee and a delicious slice of cake. Ellen is a woman fighting to establish herself in a physically demanding, male-dominated industry of well-digging and Jane runs a vintage gift store while caring for her ailing grandfather. Each woman is fiercely independent, but the friendship and support they offer each other gives them the strength not only to succeed but to find the happiness they all deserve. Of course, these wouldn’t be Brenda Novak novels without a little—or a lot—of drama, and there’s plenty of that, especially when the handsome and rugged Elway brothers are involved.

Talulah's Back in Town

Talulah’s Back in Town

Book 1

The Talk of Coyote Canyon

The Talk of Coyote Canyon

Book 2

The Messy Life of Jane Tanner

The Messy Life of Jane Tanner

Book 3

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