Other Superromances

Release Date: June 2009

She’s pregnant by her ex-husband. A man she has reason to fear….

With her son, Ryan, Jenna’s moved back to Mendocino, where she’s living and working at the Victoriana Bed and Breakfast. It’s owned by the elderly Durhams–whose grandson, Adam, was her first love. And, in some ways, her last…. But that was fifteen years ago, before Adam abandoned her and his family for the bright lights and big city. For a successful career and a fast-track life. When Adam and Jenna rediscover each other, he wants her back.

But much as Jenna knows she could love him again, she also knows there are too many obstacles between them. Too much history. Too many expectations. And now…her baby.

But Adam’s a very determined man. A man she has reason to love…

This book is available in an E-Book edition.